Atropos is a prison realm, a hellish place where time and death have no meaning. At the center of it lies the Neverborn, the first evil, trapped for all eternity. His hate is touching all, poisoning the mind and corrupting the flesh. Many mortals throughout history have attempted to free this ancient evil, out of greed or foolishness, they open the gates of Hell. When the veil is lifted, a piece of reality is devoured by the prison realm, condemning all souls, both innocent and guilty.

In these barren lands thousands of soldiers are locked in an eternal war. With shovels and sweat the trenches are expanded with each passing day. Forks, spoons and other objects are gathered and thrown in the great furnaces to supply the frontlines with fresh bullets.

For the common people of this land, their destiny is somewhat darker. Death is awaiting over every hill, behind every rock. Starvation is running rampant as the cursed lands birth no crops. Desperation is turning people against each other, brother murdering brother for a piece of rotting scrap.

Others turn to religion and join one of the hundred cults as they try to find a greater meaning for their suffering.

Those few hardened souls who manage not only to survive, but to thrive in this Hell, they often make a living as specialists, demon slayers and mercenaries.

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Living Nightmares

Humans who heed the Neverborn’s call and accept his gift, they transcend their mortal shell and transform into beings of immense power and suffering. They become demons. Feral demons are born from tormented souls who were driven on the edge by constant strife and starvation. They simply give up life as they accept the false… Continue Reading →

The Batallions Of Ruin

After General Kruger’s betrayal and the chaos that followed, the German forces in Atropos, lacking any proper leadership, disbanded into smaller warbands. The warband known as Metzger’s Elite is a sadistic lot, mutilating their faces and living in constant agony, mirroring the Neverborn’s suffering.


The once beautiful priestess paid dearly for her devotion to the Neverborn. Despite her wretched appearance, Nihilii remains one of the strongest demons, with powers that warp the reality around her and the ability to control lesser demons.


The demon Nehek’Hara is a solitary hunter. Not much is left of her human frame, now running in all fours, rows of teeth dripping acidic saliva. Lacking eyes, she tracks her prey by smelling the fear in their hearts. Nehek’Hara only devours the hearts of her victims and often vermin or other vile creatures acompany… Continue Reading →


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