Living Nightmares

Humans who heed the Neverborn’s call and accept his gift, they transcend their mortal shell and transform into beings of immense power and suffering. They become demons.

Feral demons are born from tormented souls who were driven on the edge by constant strife and starvation. They simply give up life as they accept the false promises of salvation. Already weakened, their souls do not survive the excruciating transformation and the newborn, grotesque creatures are driven only by their murderous insticts, the insatiable hunger for human souls.

On the other hand, the cold-hearted, greedy mortals who put their own ambitions above all and listen to the Neverborn’s promises of power absolute, they offer their souls willingly to the Neverborn as the pact is sealed. Their bodies cracking with diabolical energy as they retain their black souls. These creatures, the Illuminated, are the most dangerous of their kind. The Illuminated are working towards the Neverborn’s plans and act as his unholy crusaders. At the same time, they are plotting against each other in a shadow war for supremacy.

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